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J&T was founded by Tracey Rieks and John Brinkmeyer in 2005 as a brokerage service for refrigerated freight. 


Tracey grew up riding with his father to the east coast and back and eventually purchased his own truck in 1992, leasing on with Kevin Ryman Inc out of Berwick, PA.  In 1994 he started his own trucking company, TL Rieks Transport, and continued hauling meat out east and general freight back to the midwest.

In August of 2005 Tracey's father-in-law, John Brinkmeyer, made a few trips to the east coast with Tracey and the idea of J&T was born.  In October of 2005 J&T Logistics Inc was formed with Tracey continuing his runs out east, and John managing the office out of a converted building at his home.  They specialized in brokering refrigerated freight for customers across the United States, with the help of a few dedicated carriers.

By 2007 the company had grown over 500% from the previous year, and hired many employees to help manage the additional business.  J&T bought it's first reefer trailers that year, and also purchased an office/shop at 100 N State St in Hubbard, where it still operates out of today.

As J&T Logistics Inc continued to grow, they realized the need for additional trucks to handle their customer's needs.  In late 2010 they formed J&T Motorfreight LLC, an asset-based trucking company, and now had it's own fleet of trucks on the road.

By 2015 J&T Motorfreight's fleet had grown enough to employ 3 full-time mechanics in the shop, and formed J&T Truck & Trailer Repair to start offering outside repair services to local customers and over-the-road drivers.  Since then the repair shop has more than doubled in size to include 7 full-time mechanics.

In 2016, John Brinkmeyer retired and sold his shares of the business, making Tracey Rieks the sole owner of the J&T companies.

In 2023 J&T moved into our new 44,000 sq ft facility at 27089 US Hwy 65 in Hubbard!  Click here for a video walk through.


J&T Motorfreight LLC carrier information

MC          731879

DOT        2098183


27089 US Hwy 65

PO Box 429

Hubbard, IA  50122


J&T is always looking for experienced drivers to help grow our fleet and take care of our customers freight needs.  Call today to discuss!


J&T Motorfreight LLC provides 24/7 transportation dispatching services

We answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can also email the office anytime at


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If you're a shipper looking for additional help with your refrigerated freight needs please call the owner at J&T, Tracey Rieks, to discuss rates.  He can be reached at 800-970-1323.

J&T is hiring ove-the-road truck drivers.


J&T Motorfreight LLC carrier award for Closer of the Year from JBS Swift.
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Winners of the 2017 "Closer of the Year" award from JBS Swift!

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